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We work on a sliding scale, as we don't consider ourselves professionals.  However, our time and talent is worth something.  The following investments are listed at what we believe our work is worth, and typical sessions.  However, we will work with you to take down any barriers that exist for you to access the photography that you want, and the combination of photos that you wish.  This includes number of people, locations, etc. 


Get 40%, 25% or 10% Off

To celebrate establishing ourselves in the East Kootenays,

we are offering 40% off for our first 4 sessions of the year (1 remaining), 25% off our next 3, and 10% the next 2. 


People talking about us


Rose and Philip

"You exceeded my expectations.  Needless to say, we are all very pleased, and had a great experience.  Thank you for your time, passion and photography skills.  You knocked it out of the park with the treats and cookies, in gaining our daughters attention." 
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