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First Newborn Session of 2024

Our first session of the year reminded me of the tender love and care that families have for one another & we were able to find some of those moments to capture. We travelled up to Canal Flats to photograph a family that has also recently re-located to the Columbia Valley. Lot's of people are moving here for the wonderful lifestyle and beautiful surroundings. From the moment we met the dog, to the cuddles spent soothing the babe, this family is filled with joy.

This wee gal came into the world a few weeks ago. She has a beautiful blanket that says, "Though she is small, she is mighty." This is incredibly true - it was a bit of a tough start to the session, as she was not thrilled to be woken up from a nap. Eventually she settled down enough to grab some beautiful shots. First time parenting is no joke. But this mama even crocheted her daughter's baskets! Without a doubt, the littles are worth it.

We are SO happy to start the year with officially starting a business in the East Kootenays! It is an exciting step when a hobby becomes time consuming enough to make it a bit more official. As always, we are excited to keep things word of mouth, intimate, and low-key. Accessibility is the main thing we look for, other than getting to know people, their families, and what makes them connect with one another. We are still offering a promotion for the first families that book with us this year. See our Investment Page for details.

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